Butter Milk Powder

Butter Milk Powder

Butter milk powder is available with us in all standard sized packaging. Finely processed it contains all essential nutrients, which are usually found in milk. Owing to its rich nutritional value and effective usage, it is widely recommended for its good quality and high health benefits.

The product is pure and unadulterated, rich in vitamin A and D3, high on protein content with excellent creamy taste and easily soluble in hot and cold water. The powder is used for making various hot and cold drinks.

Properties of our Butter Milk Powder :
  • Prepared from high breeding milk by Spray-drying process
  • Contains all the essential nutrients of fresh milk
  • Pure and unadulterated
  • Rich in Vitamin A and D3
  • High Protein content
  • Excellent creamy taste
  • Easily soluble in hot and cold water
Uses :

Owing to its good dissolving property, the Butter Milk Powder can be used for the below mentioned purposes

  • Making hot and cold drinks
  • Preparing yoghurts and sweets
  • Making different kinds of milkshakes, including banana shakes, mango shakes, chocolate shakes, etc.
  • The most important quality of this butter milk powder is that you can carry it to your workplace and prepare a glass whenever you want.

Availability of the product :

Butter Milk Powder is available in various quantity packs, which gets in-tune with the client's requirements.


Analytical Test Report
  • Physico-Chemical Characteristics
ColourCreamy White
OrganolepticSlightly Sweet
Ph (10% SOULATION)6.78
Bulk Density (GM/ML)0.57
Yeast & mold/gm10
Salmonella / 25 gmAbsent
FlavourPleasant and Clean
Moisture (% by mass)3.24 % Max.
Protein % ODB32.16 % Min.
Fat Content (% by mass)3.50 % Max.
Total Ash (% ODB)8.50 % Max.
Acidity0.90 Max.
Scorched ParticlesDisc 'A'
Insolubility Index ml.0.20ml.
Total Plate Count per gm6500
Coli form /gmAbsent
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