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  • Lactose
  • Lactose

Approx. Rs 130 / Kilogram

Lactose is finely processed using best available techniques. These are rich in quality and widely recommended by clients owing to its rich quality. These products are basically disaccharide sugar derived from galactose and glucose and widely acclaimed for its rich taste and purity. These are available with us in various range including lactose pharma and lactose edible.

Lactose Pharma

Lactose Pharma

Approx. Rs 140 / Kilogram(s)

Lactose pharma is finely processed under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers. These have 5.10 moisture content and 0.20 (0.4 ML of 0.1 M naoh/5g) acidity. Finely processed under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers, these products are widely acclaimed for its purity and high effectiveness. These are clear & colorless (complies) in clarity & color of solution.

Used as :
Analytical Test Report
AppearanceWhitish / Creamy Powder (complies)
TestSL. Sweet
IdentificationComplies With IP/BP/USP/JP (Complies)
Acidity0.20 (0.4 ML Of 0.1 M NaOH/5g )
Clarity & color of solutionclear & colorless (Complies)
Specific optical Rotation54.50
pH (10%Solution)4.72
At 400nm (10%)0.019
At 210 – 220nm (1%)0.148
At 270 – 300nm (1%)0.023
Bulk density (g/ml)0.70
Sulphated Ash0.082
Free Acidity As L.A.%0.147 ml.
Scorched particle (ADPI) DiscA
Lactose monohydrate %Complies
Aresenic (limit test for Arsenic)N.M.T. 1 PPM (Complies)
Heavy MetaslPN.M.T. 5 PPM (Complies)
Particcle size (200 #)80 % Min Passing should be

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